Information for starting school:

Starting school is a milestone in any child’s life and can be greeted with mixed emotions by their parents.

A little bit of early preparation can assist you and your child’s transition to school greatly. Below are a few things that we suggest.

Before starting school children should be able to:

  • Write his or her name
  • Count to ten
  • Go to the toilet and wash their hands independently
  • Use their manners
  • Recognise colours
  • How to hold a pencil and use scissors
  • Take clothing off and put it on independently
  • Communicate with others their wants and needs

Other things that can help them greatly.

  • Say and recognise the alphabet
  • Know how to negotiate with others
  • Be able to accept when things do not go their way
  • Know how to cooperate with others and communicate their feelings
  • Manage their belongings

Before starting school:

We encourage you to ring the office to make a time to come and have a look around our beautiful school.

For new entrants we are happy to organise transition to school visits before they start. These should be booked with Jade, the Junior Room Teacher, and can be done either over the phone or when you visit. 

For older children, bring them in to meet the staff and allow them to look around their new school. 

The first days

Starting school for the first time or beginning a new school is a new and exciting stage for all the family. These checklists cover some of the important things to help the first days run smoothly.

In your child’s school bag:

Please ensure the following are in your child’s schoolbag and are all clearly named.

  • Lunch and a water bottle. Get your child to help you pack their lunchbox. Talk about what is for brainfood, morning tea and lunch.
  • A full change of clothes (in case of accidents or messy play)
  • A warm hat and jersey/jacket.

What we will supply your child:

  • Due to our location most parents find it easiest if the school provides all the stationery that your child requires. We will send home a permission letter allowing us to do this for you to sign (this service is optional). We will then provide your child with all the stationery that they require throughout the year and will send home a bill (twice yearly) for this in the middle and end of the year. (Please note we purchase all our stationery at the beginning of the year sales and only charge you what we are charged).
  • A sunhat. In 2014 the school adopted a uniform (wide brimmed) sunhat. Your child will be issued one of these at no cost upon their arrival. It is expected it will be worn at all times when  outside in Terms One and Four. This hat remains the property of the school and should be left at school each day. 
  • A cubby hole for storing shoes whilst at school.

The school Timetable:

9:00 Assembly and PE
9:30 Literacy
11:30 Morning tea
11:50 Buddy Reading/Writing
12:00 Numeracy
1:00 Lunch
1:50 Duties
2:00 Inquiry Learning
3:00 End of the school day


Currently we have two bus routes that service our community (5230 - Kereru Road and Salisbury Road, 5041 Mangleton and Big Hill Roads). Availability and times of these buses depends on your location. Please discuss this with the Principal when you enrol your child.

Please note: The bus service is run by an independent contractor who is contracted by the Ministry of Education. Our contract holder is Beeline Ltd, which is owned and operated by John and Judy Dobson.