Mrs Pease  - The Best Teacher!

Shaz Pease (Senior Room Teacher - Prinicipal Release)

Mrs Pease is a kind and helpful teacher. She is always there if we need some help, and she is quite creative. If you ever need some help in writing, reading, or maths, she will be there.  She is a senior room teacher, and our school is out in the country. A forest surrounds our school, and the trees are tall and strong, able to withstand a strong wind, and she loves it.  By Elly

She always explains things really well so that we understand.  If we are ever sad or upset there is alway a hug waiting for us. She is very encouraging and very cool and arty! Mrs Pease is a great teacher and we all like her! By Thea 

She is smart and knows what to do. She us very happy to help students and cheer people up.  Mrs Pease is exciting when teaching science, and I’ve never had a boring class with her!!!!!!!! By Blake